The Seed of My Future

The Seed of My Future

Written by Gina H.

     A 5’2” girl stood in awe as she nervously took in the sight of the towering First Tennessee Bank building frozen in front of her. So many tangled tangents were squirming through her brain as she rode the elevator up to the 15th floor and got out, unsure and shaking in her heels. The next hour or so was a complete whirlwind full of greetings and smiles. Instantly, she knew all that anxious stress was a waste of time and she felt completely welcomed. The atmosphere was cozy and warm and everybody was so receiving and kind. That girl is me, Gina Hatchett.

Lawyers can often be perceived as workaholics who absolutely dread their jobs but continue to drag themselves through it everyday for the glorious, hefty paycheck in the end. While I am sure there ARE probably attorneys like that, I am rather pleased to announce none of them work at Cornelius & Collins, LLP. My favorite part of this internship was the interactions with the lovely men and women who work in this firm. They did not treat me like a little girl who could be their personal coffee runner but rather as a young colleague trying to learn the ins and outs of law.

Going into this internship, I knew this was either going to make or break my dream of becoming a lawyer in my future. Thankfully, I made it out in one, solid piece with a lot more knowledge and certainty that I am on the right track. Sure, the grueling work and hours that go into every case that passes onto a lawyer’s desk is not glamorous. But in the long run, that attorney made a tough situation much easier for another person’s life and family.

From me witnessing the many half empty coffee mugs that pile in the kitchen sink every afternoon to the very focused, yet thoughtful expressions plastered on these lawyers’ faces on a daily basis; I know I have a long road ahead. But I am a girl who is up for a good, difficult challenge. This internship has definitely prepared me for it. It has also fueled my desire to finish out my high school senior year strong, and to jump head first into my college studies next year. Many thanks go to the Teaching andServicesAcademyas well. My past classes like Speech Debate and AP US History have definitely put me a step up with confident speaking skills and a clear look atAmerica’s political beginnings. Along with my academy,AntiochHigh Schoolhas provided new opportunities and doors have opened. AHS supported my attendance at Volunteer Girls’ State this summer which gave me an intensive crash course on state and federal law. Girls’ State and my debate background worked hand-in-hand in preparing me for this internship.  With a little bit more wisdom added under my belt, I know the world is at my fingertips and now it is up to me to grab strong rein on it.