My Academy Choice

                Throughout the years many young individuals are given extraordinary opportunities to enhance their education. At our high school we have a variety of academies based on the interests of the students.  I chose to be a part of the Academy of Health Science and Law; I am in the Criminal Justice pathway.  Through this academy I am being put through real-life scenarios that will help me as I prepare for my future career.  The pathway I am in fits me perfectly because I aspire to a career in Corporate Law.  There are many scholarship, internship, and educational opportunities in this academy. 

                First, in this academy I have the opportunity to be influenced by my peers to go further into my interests. Because I know the university I want to attend, I spoke with teachers, and I found many scholarships that fit the courses I am currently enrolled in.  My academy always has the resources needed for one to succeed and the activities to do so.  For example, I am in a variety of extra-curricular activities, and one of them is being President of the Debate team.  This allows me to put forth my leadership, organizational, and researching abilities.  I am also a member of SkillsUSA and through this organization I have had the opportunity to travel and compete.

 Second, a student should always go deeper in to their career interest  and find a hands on activity.  In my academy I applied for an Internship sponsored by the Nashville Career Advancement Center, and it consisted of an application as well as an interview.  I was chosen for the internship, and I was put through training/orientation.  Once that done, I was assigned to the Public Defender’s office to expand my knowledge on my career choice.  This internship allowed me a preview of what my career will look like and to view what is expected of all the attorneys. 

Third, there are many educational opportunities that are provided by this academy, but of course it is our choice to take advantage of them.  I applied to the Constitutional Academy, and I was chosen. It was an incredible process. There were over five hundred applicants, and only fifty were chosen. I, along with a fellow classmate, was chosen, and became a part of those fifty. This program consisted of five weeks distance learning which consisted of online discussions, reading, and essays. After that we traveled to Washington D.C where we completed a residential week of the program. This consisted of lectures, monumental touring, and exams.  The participants who successfully completed all assignments, tests, and the residency earned college credit. This program was amazing, but the Constitutional Academy wouldn't have happened without the financial help of the Ford Oval Blue Scholarship.

I am grateful to the teachers and business partners in my academy who prepared me for these opportunities. They not only prepared me for college, but I am definitely on the track to be career ready.

-Escarlet E., Academy of Health Science and Law

McGavock High School