A fun time at NECAT

While interning at NECAT, I was offered participation in production classes. I didn’t know what we’d be doing or what concepts we’d be covering or anything. However, I jumped at the opportunity, knowing full well I would get valuable experience no matter what material or concepts we went over. The class consisted of John-- the tech director at NECAT—giving us a packet that listed all the guidelines for the studio and explained certain aspects of production, such as lighting and basic camera concepts. John explained all the contents of the packet in detail and then we began doing “mock productions.” Some of us would be in the control room directing while others would be on camera shooting. Finally, two or three others would be “talents.” (the people on camera) Each group did a five-minute segment and simply discussed anything they wanted to. When I was on camera, I was partnered with a man named Dwayne. He and I both loved sports. So, when it came our time, we sat and had a great discussion about various sports events that were occurring. It was great! It really felt like I was on a real TV show! Later, we rotated off and worked in the control room. I felt so important! I was telling the talents where to move, giving the cameramen instructions, etc. I was basically the tech director. Afterwards, we got on camera and helped film another group on camera. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life!

-Daniel S., Academy of Art, Design & Communication