An Amazing Ride So Far...

The Academies at Cane Ridge High School are preparing us with the knowledge we need to determine our career of interest. But how do we know which Academy is right for us? Well that question can only be answered by the student. In my case, as I was coming to high school I knew nursing was my passion. So therefore, when they offered me an academy sophomore year, I knew the Academy of Health Management was the best choice for me.

 The Health Management Academy is the study of the body. It’s all about what’s behind our skin. What happens every second we breathe. It’s that exciting. And, the most incredible part is that we are learning what we want to do for the rest of our life in a medical career, or in any field of science. The Academy walks the student through course work so they can learn everything there is about health careers, and how to take care of our body and how it functions. This allows us to see if this is our true passion. And for me, it has been an amazing ride! Because every experiment and dissection that we have done at our school has been the experience of a lifetime and I have enjoyed it. I’m no longer a stranger to the Health science world.

A. Moreno, Academy of Health Management - Cane Ridge High School