Internships at USCCU helped us pick career paths

The US Community Credit Union Academy of Hospitality and Finance, McGavock High School: Aaron H.- "My experience at U.S. Community Credit Union was a once in a lifetime experience. The fact that people invest their time in helping me meant everything. I have found the career that will satisfy my needs and will be gratifying to me too. I have people who care and a firm grasp on what I want to do in my life. What more do I need?...Doing this internship has sort of solidified my commitment to it.”

DQ L.- "This job teaches great life lessons. It has helped me save money and realize what I want to do in life. I want to get my CPA."

Brandon P.- "Ever since I was young I always knew I either wanted to be a pastor or an accountant. For a little while I thought for sure I was going to be an accountant, so I applied for the internship at the credit union. Sometimes it’s just as important to learn what you don’t want to do as learning what you do want to do. The U.S. Community Credit Union is an amazing place to work and a great financial institution, but I was blessed with the chance early in life to find out my future does not lie in the financial field. Even so, I learned lessons I will take into the career I choose."

Alexis A.- "During my working experience at the credit union, I learned so much. I learned that saving my money would be my biggest struggle further on in life if I don’t start now. I am so grateful to have an opportunity like this at such a young age. I feel that this has prepared me to start my life as a 'young girl'."

Thelma G.- "Working at the credit union was a great experience. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that everybody could have wished to experience. The training at the U.S. Community Credit Union got me prepared for almost any job. It is definitely going to open doors for me in the future. It was like a peak into the real world. This experience helped me decide on and pursue a career in the business field."