My UNHS Adventures Summer of 2011

           My name is Morgan and I am now a senior at Whites Creek High School. This past summer I had the opportunity to do an internship with United Neighborhood Health Services (UNHS). In this internship I had a chance to work in the medical field with other Doctors throughout many of the United Neighborhood clinics. The program was 6 weeks starting on June 6th and ending July 11th.

      The first week of my internship I met with the person that was over the internship, his name is Mr. Stewart and I learned about the history of UNHS. UNHS serves all people from any race, rich or homeless. UNHS’ mission is to give equal health care to any person without high payments. When I learned about what UNHS does to help the people of Nashville, I couldn’t wait to go.

     When it was time to start my rotation at the clinics I was placed in a group of four.  First we went to Southside Clinic, then the Downtown Clinic and finally the Main Street Clinic. At all the clinics we were allowed to take the temperatures of the patients, height, and weight and do the patient call backs. When you do an internship with a clinic you will see all the different kinds of people who need medical attention.

     In addition to working in the clinics, Mr. Stewart gave all the groups an assignment to do a service learning project. My group and I decided to do something for homeless women. Some homeless women don’t know that they’re pregnant so my group and I came up with the “Step to Motherhood” program. In this program it basically gives a list of all of the clinics that give pregnancy tests for free for homeless women without any proof of residency. My group passed out the flyers out at women’s shelters and the YWCA so we could get the word out faster.

     My most memorable moment was working at the Downtown Clinic. In that clinic they generally serve homeless patients. What really caught my attention was the large amount of people who would wait in line to get the medical care.  Some had a shelter to go to and some didn’t. “Why are there so many homeless people?” everybody in my group asked. To this day nobody knows the answer to this problem. This opportunity to serve as an intern with UNHS has really opened my eyes.

     I applied for this internship because I love to help others and after this opportunity I am looking forward to continue my journey into the medical field. I am applying to attend Lipscomb University, Vanderbilt or TSU and major in biology. In the future I want to become a Gastroenterologist so I can help those people in need, just like those doctors and nurses helped the people at the clinics. In the future look out and keep your ears open for Dr. Morgan E.