Summer Internship at UNHS (United Neighborhood Health Services)

Imagine that you and your best friend are offered to do an internship for the summer. You might think it will be a great experience and good for them to spend time together.

 The same exact thing happened to two girls at McGavock High School named Bhakti and Akshita Patel. They were really excited about it and thought it would be exciting. The next day they had their interviews and the girls were really nervous. Their academy coach helped them out with some ideas about how to interview. Mrs. Barkley, the academy coach, explained to them how to dress and talk in an interview. She also told them the kinds of questions asked in an interview. It was really helpful to them and they were really good in their interview. They both got selected for the internship. The first week of the internship was going great until they found out they were not working together. The girls were working in the different groups of four which included students from various schools. They were really depressed but they started communicating with their co-workers/students.

 The second week they actually started to work at different clinics and learned how to file the charts, take blood pressure, temperature and measure height and weight of patients. They worked at the clinics three days a week; then on every Thursday all the interns met at the Main Street Clinic for orientation. People came and explained about Health Care Programs, Service Learning, HIPPA, and applying for colleges and financial aid. Finally, The third and fourth week of the internship they started working on their Service Learning Projects with their own groups. Bhakti's group chose a project in which they started donating clothes. Akshita's group decided to provide free pregnancy tests to homeless women. In order to accomplish this, they created brochures and passed them around in different shelters. Bhakti’s group ended up getting a good amount of clothes to donate to the women’s shelter. Akshita's group project was very successful. Women received a new kind of help from most of the clinics organized by United Neighborhood Health Services. Bhakti and Akshita overcame their fears and reached out to meet new people, and so they were able to truly experience a great opportunity in this internship. They allowed themselves to have a wonderful time with the UNHS workers and the students/co-workers. These experiences will help them make decisions about their future.

 -Bhakti Patel and Akshita Patel, Academy of Health Science and Law

McGavock High School