US Community summer internships in our own words...

McGavock US Community Credit Union Academy of Hospitality and Finance:  “US Community Credit Union has given me a huge opportunity. Over the summer, I got the chance to learn about the finance field. I was unsure of what I wanted to do for a future job, but now I am sure my pathway is finance. I have changed into a better person. This summer will be unforgettable.” -Monserratt H.

“This summer, I got the opportunity to work at the US Community Credit Union. I learned working there that with a little effort, you can overcome a lot. I have learned to speak louder and use my words. This experience will open up a lot of doors for me after high school and on my college applications.” -Chelsea A.

“This summer, I interned with the US Community Credit Union. I haven’t ever been completely sure if I wanted to go into the financial business. After working and getting this experience under my belt, I definitely want to go into business. This opportunity was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve had. I loved working there. Everyone really was treated like family, the employees and members included. I got to know everyone really well. I have made friendships that will probably last a life time.” - Bri F.


“I enjoyed my internship at US Community Credit Union very much. It was good to see some of the skills I have been learning being applied in the real world. Even though my computer did a lot of my work for me, I still enjoyed knowing the accounting principles behind it. I also enjoyed seeing business from the side of the financial institution. I saw hands on what it is like to be a teller and I learned a lot about customer service. My co-workers were good teachers and they were very understanding. Even though I am in high school, it was easy to make office relationships and get along with everyone. I would tell any high school student that they should take an internship, because it will change them for the better whether they find out what they want to do, or what they don’t want to do. It will enrich their lives.”

“P.S. Getting paid isn’t too bad either.” -Joseph M.

“This summer, I had the experience to intern at US Community Credit Union. This experience taught me a lot about myself and what I want to do in the future. Although I do love business and enjoyed working at USCCU, I’m going to study Chemistry, with the hopes of one day becoming a Pharmacist. But because I do love business, I plan on taking some business oriented classes along the way. The internship has taught me valuable skills that I will always cherish and appreciate. I also learned that every job isn’t easy, but learning something new each day is what makes a job. I really appreciate this opportunity and I take with me a lot from the experience I was given.” -Bryan D. Q.