What an experience!

Written by:

Itzel, Lisa & Paulina

Talk about commitment – my internship was a wonderful learning experience. I learned about myself and the type of worker I am. Through NCAC I was placed at the Sheriff’s Office. I have always wanted to work in law enforcement and become a homicide detective. Placing me in this particular department was a great benefit to me. While in the Sheriff’s office I learned about the warrants’ division and how warrants are served in Davidson County. I loved my summer internship and I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. - Itzel

This summer I had a great opportunity to work with Metro Government through NCAC and their internship program. It was a fantastic experience. After an application and interview process I was assigned to the Edgehill Library. You might think that being a Librarian is the most boring job ever but it is not. You always have something to do. In my case, I worked with children ages four to sixteen. I was never bored! - Lisa

The summer internship that I did with NCAC in June was great! I had to complete an application in the spring and once it was accepted I had to interview. Before going to work, I had to be trained for a week. After training, I worked my internship at Metro Social Services.  In the beginning I knew nothing about Metro Social Services and thought what does this have to do with my future. Through my internship, I met great people who touched my heart and showed me that people deserve a second chance. I learned to appreciate what I have. I also learned to always do what is right even if some people might not like it. - Paulina