“At Stratford it is Cool to be Smart”

By Roseline Prophete

 The Academy of Science and Engineering (ASE) at Stratford changed my experiences in school and my life.  Before becoming a student in the Academy of Science and Engineering, school was boring and I was not learning the proper skills.  Now my classes are great and I love to come to school every day.  The other students are motivated as much as I am.  The teachers have high expectations and hold all students accountable for good behavior and class work.   All of my teachers show that they care about me.  My Vanderbilt teachers help me to prepare for college through the classes I take with them.  They have helped me to imagine the possibilities in life and have led me to make bigger goals.  Instead of thinking about one career, I have begun to think about other career options. 

At first I wanted to become a medical examiner; however, now I am thinking of becoming a pediatrician and a neurologist.  The subject matter is very challenging.  The interdisciplinary science pathway helped me to expand my thinking.   My favorite project was when we did research on mealworms.  We determined how weather affected the life cycle of mealworms. We applied this information to human life and how weather affects us as well.  Our study of crime scene investigation helped me to understand more about the human body and the changes that occur throughout life.  Now, I am inspired to become what I want to be in life and Stratford is leading me towards my future.  I am proud to be a Spartan and a student at Stratford STEM Magnet High School.