1st job shadowing day with Music City Networks

                Today I had a wonderful time in Music City Networks. I learned more about how to work with Photoshop and how to design T-shirts. I had a good time working with the people at Music City Networks. I learned how to be more creative with pictures, logos, websites, etc.  When we went to the Merchmo I thought it was awesome because they showed us how they put pictures onto T-shirts. It was so amazing because they showed us how to put the color on, how they layered the colors on the shirts to make the pictures, and how they dried the paints. It was so cool to see so many T-shirts, Hats, CDs, etc in just one building.  It was amazing to see how the business of Music City Networks works and how they work in the design business. I had a great experience at Music City Networks!! – A. Reyes