I'm ready for that world.

The aviation and transportation academy provides an accurate representation of my career goal. My future goal is to become a computer engineer and the classes are structured to provide an enriching educational experience for me. The academy students are informed and committed to pursuing their education through their pathway classes.

The Academy of Aviation and Transportation is actively involved in the school. At the end of the year we planned an outdoor activity to test our knowledge in real life situations and were able to participate in recreational activities as well at the Spring Wing Fling. This academy also offers many opportunities for us to eliminate and explore possible careers through field trips, job shadowing, camps, and internships.

At first, I was thrown off by the idea of being one of the few female students in this male dominated academy. Luckily, I stayed in and have participated in many activities; now I am recognized at most events. Working together with mostly male students in school is preparing me for my future workplace environment, because it too will be male dominated. But I’m ready for that world.

Lindsey S.

McGavock High School, Academy of Aviation and Transportation