College Level Learning


My service learning experiences through IBDP Academy help me make real-world connections to my classes as well as build experiences for my college level learning and building my college profile for scholarships and admissions.

The workload is equal to a college level class, and the global aspect of my classes will be beneficial to me while in my college classes.

Even if a college doesn’t take a credit for a class you’ve taken in high school, these classes have the academic maturity in that subject area to allow you to do extremely well in the classes you have to take  or the ability to pass a test that will allow you to skip some of those first level courses.

With the classes I take through the Academy of IB Diploma Programme, I will potentially earn up to 22 hours of college credit by the time I graduate from high school this year.

-Bleu J., Senior, Hillsboro High School – Academy of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme