Edmodo - "the new generation of learning"

Edmodo, a social network site for teachers and students, was used by our International Baccalaureate Students this summer, and is spreading out around the school.  See below comments from real students about the use of Edmodo this summer.  This has been a new and inventive way to keep our brains busy even though its summer. Most kids forget about school over the summer because there is no teacher to help guide us. Well here's the new generation of learning and I like it :)-- Courtney H.


Edmodo really helped me to keep in touch with my teacher if I had any questions about the assignment. I check it daily,lol. Overall, I believe it's a great way for us to keep up with the work over the summer :) Tiffany T.


This website if very creative . It's helped a lot with staying in touch with school . If I ever had a question, I could come ask the teacher on here . And with the assignment, this was a great way of  the teacher, not only telling us what it was, but also being there to help us get through it if we had questions . I don't know why someone didn't start this sooner . It would be an awesome help if we used during school on school assignments , long term or short , and during the fall/winter/spring break assignments that we all know teachers are bound to give us ! Over all, I liked having this website . It was a great idea . (:  Sadie L.