Some Healthy Competition


Through the Academy of Aviation and Transportation at McGavock, I got the wonderful chance to be involved in the Technology Student Association. Through this after school club, I took part in a state wide competition with many other students my age. At this competition, I was paired with another student from my school and we were involved in an on-the-spot building challenge. This challenge consisted of us having scarce materials and a limited amount of time to solve a problem. Because it was McGavock’s first time to be involved in this competition, we were looked down upon as newcomers who could not possibly do well. My partner and I proceeded to blow the other competition out of the water and placed second out of approximately one hundred other teams. This truly set a name for McGavock at this event and now other schools have expressed their excitement to us about our return next year. This entire opportunity was granted to me through my Engineering pathway. Without this pathway and academy, this chance would have passed me by. I am so thankful for being involved in this academy and for the opportunity granted to me!

Elliott Martin, Academy of Aviation and Transportation

McGavock High School