...Until I became an Academy Ambassador

Leadership, respect, responsibility, positive attitude, and example to others are some of the qualities I never saw in myself until I became an academy ambassador. Being an academy ambassador has taught me not only to see these qualities in myself, but to use them in my everyday life. It has given me one of the most important gifts one could receive in life, and that is opportunity. The opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. The opportunity to share my ideas not only with friends, but also with those who can make a difference like my principal. The opportunity to inspire other students to get more involved in their education. As an academy ambassador I been given something that not many people appreciate, and that is privilege. The privilege to be the face of my academy and even represent McGavock High School. Through this I have the privilege to make parents feel that they chose the right and the best school for their children.

Being an academy ambassador is something I will never forget. Like the time I went to a job shadowing at the Opryland Hotel and danced with the staff. I will remember this and other wonderful experiences and carry them with me after I graduate this year and for the rest of my life. I will forever be grateful to my teachers for helping me with this once in a lifetime opportunity and for believing in me and most importantly for helping me believe in myself.

Derek L., Academy of Digital Design & Communications

McGavock High School