Whites Creek students intern at Meharry Medical College through Project IMPACT

Kaitlyn C. and Johnny B., seniors in the Academy of Community Health at Whites Creek High School, write about their internships at Meharry Medical College. In her remarks, Kaitlyn focuses on the new knowledge and skills that she acquired during her internship and how the experience has strengthened her long-term career goals. Johnny states that the collaborative work environment and professional interactions among students from Whites Creek High School and Glencliff High School were the aspects of the program that left a lasting impression on him. My name is Kaitlyn Carter, and I'm a senior at Whites Creek High School. For four weeks this summer, I had the amazing privilege of representing my school and MNPS by participating in the IMPACT (Innovative, Medical, Partnerships,Aligning , Communities, Together) internship at Meharry Medical College. The internship was introduced to me as a "health messaging" program. When I began this internship, I didn't exactly know what the term health messaging meant. But, over the past four weeks, I've learned more about health messaging than I would've imagined. I was able to use new technology like iPads, iMac computers, video cameras, and microphone systems to create a documentary that introduces various healthcare careers to high school students. This experience has equipped me with many new talents that I can take with me to benefit my school and my future. I've really enjoyed this experience because I have been able to use technology to create a project that is designed to help high school students like me while being assisted by several other students who have the same goal as me. I have also been able to simultaneously reassure myself of the career I aspire to: general surgeon.  I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in healthcare or technology careers!

Hi, my name is Johnny Bond and I am a senior at Whites Creek High School. This summer I participated in the IMPACT internship at Meharry Medical College. Coming in on the first day, I was mainly excited to see my friends. I honestly had not even thought about the other kids that were coming in for the internship. When we all had arrived and got settled in our room, the room was divided. Whites Creek students on one side, Glencliff students on the other. Needless to say, it did not stay like that for long. Immediately after introductions we were hurled into teams consisting of two students from each school. Every hour or so they would mix teams up. That really helped everyone build relationships faster with one another. By the second day everyone was talking to each other as if we had known each other for years. This really helped when we began to shoot and edit video. Everyone was willing to help someone else out whether it was just to tell them how to turn the computer on or how to adjust the audio levels in the footage so you could hear better. This made the work we had to do much easier. Although I acquired unique and important skills that will be useful for the future, what I liked most was that I made new friends. Overall I would recommend this internship to everyone because it increases your knowledge about healthcare and technology and strengthens your professional skills. All of these are things that will help you to excel in a future career.