All the Pieces Are Falling Into Place

Jordan is a senior at Hillwood High School in the Academy of Art, Design & Communication. She spent time learning about television production at Nashville Education Community and Arts Television (NECAT), a non-profit organization that operates the channels Music City Arts 9 and iQtv10 in Davidson County.

Recently, I had the opportunity to train for two days at the NECAT Television Studio located on Nashville State Community College’s campus. NECAT is a business partner for our academy.  My training allowed me to participate in a live broadcast of a band. During the broadcast, I got to work audio levels as well as be a camera operator.

This was an opportunity of a lifetime to be able to implement the skills I have learned over the past three years into an actual studio setting. Mr. Ginsberg has been my media teacher for all these years, and he has taught me everything I know.  The people at NECAT Studio were professional and taught us how to operate all of their equipment. After two long days of training, I am now certified to work in their studio. This certification means if tomorrow I wake up with an awesome idea for a television show, I would be able to use that studio and the equipment free of charge to produce my show and possibly even have it aired on one of their television stations. This certification also allows me to assist other people who need help producing a show at the studio.

Just from the things I have learned in high school and the studio, I will be able to get a good job in a field I am interested in pursuing.