Cane Ridge High School's Academy Open House

Did you attend the open house at Cane Ridge High School on September 23?  It was full of activities like Zumba where everyone had fun dancing to the latest songs, face painting, bouncy houses, and balloons for the younger kids. We also had a crime scene area where everyone got a chance to be a detective and solve the mystery of “who killed the raven?”  Another amazing station was the medical room where we got to watch a video provided by Microsoft describing healthcare in the future.  Our construction partners brought a crane and a lift that we got to go up on.  My favorite part of open house was the flash mob organized by the arts and communications academy which was really entertaining to watch and a total surprise. At the open house, we got to pick up our free academy shirts which got us into the "Wall Bowl" for half price; helped us learn which academy we belong to; got us a coupon to get a snack provided by our academy; and got a little competition going between academies to get the students more involved. The open house was a new way to get the students involved instead of having a traditional open house. We decided to spice it up a bit and give it a new spin. The freshman got a chance to get an idea of what each academy is like. The open house was a success and from the people I’ve asked they would love to have another one ASAP.

Rina D.