First Culinary Competition Brings Bronze Medal…..Next Time GOLD!!!

  Guadlupe G. is a senior Academy of Hospitality student at Hunters Lane High School.  She competed in a Chef and Student competition sponsored by the Middle TN Chapter of the American Culinary Federation with one of our own staff, Mr. Wheeler, who is also a chef.  There was a Hawaiian theme and the winning dish was Shoyu Chicken pictured below.


I had my first competition this past September, and it was a very unique experience.  The first time at a culinary arts competition is always the most important.  A generous helping of anxiety, expectation, and general uncertainty loom in a significant way.  At first I was very nervous and scared that I wouldn’t know what to do, and being in a room full of people looking at you can make you even more nervous. 

The competition took place on a Monday, but I had to come to school on Sunday for over 3 hours to prepare food.  After school on that Monday, I worked with my chef to finish the final preparations.  We created Shoyu Chicken with carrots and spinach.   We set up our food for the professional chefs and college culinary students to taste.  There were over 50 people tasting and judging our dish.  We had to talk with anyone who had questions, and tell them about how we prepared our dish.  Each judge voted for the dish that they thought was the best.  Afterwards we received our awards and then ate a delicious Hawaiian meal prepared by the Chefs. 

I enjoyed myself; I learned a lot; and I had a great time.  Winning a medal during an event such as this validates all the effort spent in preparation.  This competition was a wonderful experience.  I learned that even without prior experience you can still do well in competition. - Guadlupe G.