I am proud to be the Academy Ambassador

Hey there! My name is Resa B. and I am a senior at the wonderful John Overton High School. I am one of the Academy Ambassadors for the Academy of Biotechnology and Health Science. This academy leads students who are interested in the health and/or medical field because it offers Biotechnology Research and Development and Diagnostic Services. This academy really prepares us for the future because of the classes we take, such as, Health Science, Diagnostic Medicine, Rehab Therapy, Medical Terminology, and Forensic Science. I know that the things we learn in class will stick with me whenever and wherever I go.

This academy also offers H.O.S.A., Health Occupation Students of America, which is an after-school club that reflects the Biotechnology and Health Science Academy. Just last year we went to Meharry Medical College and we did activities, talked to professors, and looked around at many colleges that offer a medical field college education. We also went to Southern Hills Hospital to help out for the blood drive. They gave us a tour of the labs and they showed us how the blood was taken up and what they did with it. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed seeing what I could be doing in the future.

I am proud to be the Academy Ambassador for the Biotechnology and Health Science Academy!