What made a Big Impact in my High School Career?

One of the things I did during my high school career that I thought made a big impact on my life was a summer internship I did with the Codes and Building Safety Department in the summer of 2011. My supervisor was Carla Langley-Smith and that woman is utterly AMAZING! My experience as an intern was quite fun actually. I learned quite a bit this summer.I learned that I was overly excited to be able to scan my I.D. card then hear the beep noise which indicated I was able to enter the building. I also learned I was overly excited about having my own username and password to login to enter my newly assigned computer. I learned that grown-ups hardly have any time to do their filing. So when an intern comes in an office for the summer, that intern is quite busy playing the “put papers in alphabetically ordered file folders” game.

All in all, I didn’t have a problem with doing these things because everyone has to start at the bottom, then work their way to the top. But the thing that surprised me was that after I showed myself trustworthy and that I didn’t have a problem with doing the little things, I gained more responsibility. I started answering the telephones, updating insurance policies in the KIVA System, and going to environmental court.

The most fascinating thing I learned about this summer was Environmental Court because I want to study Law in college. Environmental court is a legal system that has been designed to promote rapid, yet fair, enforcement of environmental regulations. At codes, they have office support that take the complaints and turn them in to their inspectors. Their inspectors then go out and inspect the area that has seemingly been a disturbance to the community. If they find a real disturbance on a property, they inform the owner to get rid of the eyesore in so many days. If the property owner doesn’t comply, the inspector sends them a warrant and issues them to court where they deal with the consequences. Usually they’re made to clean up the eyesore and are fined.

So you ask what my experience was like during my internship this summer?

In conclusion, it was more than just fun and educational. It was life changing. It showed me how the real work force works. It gave me professional experience that will forever stay on my resume throughout my life time. I never had a real job before and I was blessed enough to be one of the one out of six hundred applicants to apply for this internship program and to get a chance to work with such wonderful people like my intern coordinators, supervisors, and my most favorite people, the payroll specialists. I am and will be forever grateful.

Thank You,

Zoyii McDonald

Academy of Health Science and Law

McGavock High School