Antioch's Academy of Technology and Communication job shadows with Nissan North America

Nissan is an Academy Partner with Antioch High School's Academy of Technology and Communication.  Their partnership has been covered by News Channel 5 and the press release can be found at Metro Nashville Public School's "Children First" blog.  Nissan also participated in Antioch's VIP tour as well as the 2011 Career Exploration Fair. In this entry, Karla writes about her job shadow experience with Nissan.

The Nissan-North America job shadowing was definitely a great experience. I learned from the beginning to end. It was my first time ever putting together a resume. I was very delighted when Mrs. White my English teacher read my resume and thought it was good.  She even showed it to my principal Mr. Woodall.  Also, my dad was applying for a job and they asked him for a resume, but he had never done one. I got to help him write his resume and cover letter. He got the job!

When it was time for our interview I was a little nervous.  I had been interviewed before, but I know the manager so the questions she asked me were basically what days I could work. When I was interviewed for the Nissan job shadow position it went really great and I felt confident after the first few questions.

Getting the job shadow for Nissan was an amazing honor and a great opportunity. I got to see and experience what a real job is like. All through schools, teachers have told us about “real life” and about the business world, but it does not compare to what I experienced today. I learned much more that day than all this year because nothing compares to being actually there.  I was assigned to purchasing. I learned about purchasing the parts for the cars. I got to see how it is important to compare prices and always negotiate so you get the best offer. They told me to always remember: “Everything in life is negotiable.” I thought it was very interesting that I got to go to a meeting where they discussed the new higher prices and how they could get a better deal.

Overall, today went extremely well and it was definitely a new experience for me. I did not realize I would get to experience something this wonderful. If I could go back I absolutely would. I am really thankful to Nissan, Mrs. White and Mr. Woodall for everything today.

Karla I., Antioch High School

Academy of Technology and Communication

The Academies of Nashville