New Opportunities through the Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies

By Briana Bruton

As many of you have noticed, the world and everything around us is changing. For instance, those of you returning Stratford Spartans will notice we are experiencing a lot of changes due to some ideas in progress, such as the new hour lunch, new teachers, new classes, and (my personal favorite) new opportunities to further our education and life goals through academies. One such opportunity presents itself in one of our new academy pathways: the National Security pathway with the Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies.

The core classes for the National Security pathway are taught by one of the newer staff members here at Stratford STEM Magnet High School. After serving 30 years for the FBI, Mr. Stephens has decided to join our staff of dedicated teachers! He teaches all the Criminal Justice courses.

While in Criminal Justice, students will mainly focus on police procedures, investigations, forensic science, and national security. Stephens says, “I want my students to become leaders, develop confidence, and ensure that they are aware of all of the criminal justice opportunities, and prepare for everyday life.” Colin Powell, former U.S. General said, “The Leader sets an example…not from what the leader says, but by what the leader does.” Stephens says he follows this advice each and every day. Some of the things students can look forward to this year in Criminal Justice are guest speakers, implementing a forensics laboratory, field trips, and hosting a student court.

Mr. Stephens is a passionate faculty member because he takes his real life experiences and applies it to all of his lesson plans. He has always wanted to teach high school. He says, “I love Stratford students and I would like to take my 30 years of learning to further students’ knowledge on Criminal Justice.”