The Academies of Nashville at Cane Ridge High School

Cane Ridge mission: To have every student career-skilled and college-ready upon graduation

That Academies of Nashville at Cane Ridge High School offer diverse academies that allow students to explore interests in architectural design, construction, medical research, health science, therapeutic services, interactive media, journalism and broadcasting, and law enforcement. Our academies strive to provide students with work-based learning opportunities, help students to earn industry recognized certifications, facilitate post-secondary learning opportunities for all students, and develop students' professional skills and leadership abilities.

Academies of Nashville Cane Ridge High School

Academy of Architecture & Construction

The mission of the Academy of Architecture and Construction is to develop and equip students with specialized skills that empower them to make academic, professional, and career connections through an authentic and project-based learning environment.


Carpentry (Classes: Construction Core, Carpentry I-A, Carpentry I-B, Personal Finance, Business Management) Concrete (Classes: Construction Core, Concrete I-A, Concrete I-B, Personal Finance, Business Management) Electrical (Classes: Construction Core, Electrical I-A, Electrical I-B, Personal Finance, Business Management) Design and Preconstruction (Classes: Computer-Aided Drafting, Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting, Principles of Engineering, Personal Finance, Business Management)


ACE Mentor Associated General Contractors Lee Company Messer Construction Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools - Construction Department Middle Tennessee State University Ole South Properties Pinnacle Construction Tennessee Technology Center - Nashville Rogers Group, Inc. WASCO Masonry

Academy of Health Management

The mission of the Academy of Health Management is to provide a solid academic foundation in a nurturing environment that prepares students with the professional skills necessary for post-secondary academics and healthcare related careers.


Health and Wellness Services (Classes: Health Science Education, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Rehabilitative Therapies, Personal Finance, Scientific Research) Health Informatics (Classes: Health Science Education, Diagnostic Medicine, Health Informatics, Personal Finance, Scientific Research) Health Business (Classes: Accounting I, Accounting II, Management, Personal Finance)


HealthTeacher Healthways Marsh Microsoft TriStar Vanderbilt Department of Biomedical Informatics YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Academy of Arts & Communications

The mission of the Academy of Arts and Communications is to provide a creative and supportive community that motivates students to explore post-secondary and career opportunities and equips them with the skills vital for a superior level of personal and professional achievement.


Broadcasting (Classes: Media Concepts, Electronic Media Production, Electronic Media Management and Operations, Personal Finance, Business Management) Interactive Multimedia (Classes: Interactive Multimedia, Desktop Publishing, Integrated Input Technology, Personal Finance, Business Management) Visual Arts (Classes: Visual Arts I, II, and III; Personal Finance; Additional Visual Arts Elective)


Bytes of Knowledge Country Music Hall of Fame Fox 17 WZTV Home Center Network Jerry's Artarama Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film

Academy of Law


Law Enforcement (Classes: Criminal Justice I, II, and III; Personal Finance; Business Management)


Davidson County Department of Juvenile Justice Davidson County District Attorney Office