McGavock students gain experience and jobs through internship with US Community Credit Union

In this entry, Joseph M. writes about his summer internship with US Community Credit Union. Joseph is a student at McGavock High School in the US Community Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance. 2011 US Community Credit Union summer interns from McGavock High School

My name is Joseph. I am in the academy of Hospitality and Finance. I was one of the students selected to intern at US Community Credit Union over the summer. It was a thrilling experience and I got to meet a lot of new people. It was really exciting for me to go into a company like this for my first job. There was a lot to learn, but the other employees were really nice and they helped me through it. I enjoyed establishing relationships with them, and I was glad to see how we could get along with such an age barrier.

Sometimes high school students are belittled because of our youth, but this was not the case. We were all treated just like any other employee from the start. Of course, it did help that we all had wonderful training on how to be professional and act appropriately in the business world from our business partners. We were all confident in our abilities to communicate with the adults around us. We did such a good job that they not only let us work at the branch in our school, but we get to work in the branches one Saturday a month to make a little extra money. This really means a lot to me because jobs for high school students are hard to come by.

Without the academies I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to get this internship over the summer and work for a great company like US Community Credit Union. I appreciate my school doing so much for me and even though I am a senior this year, I look forward to bigger and better things from McGavock. Who knows, one day I might be a business partner myself.