Tennessean article highlights Academies' community partnerships

A great article ran in today's Tennessean that describes the incredible community partnerships that are being built between the Academies of Nashville and middle Tennessee businesses. Nancy DeVille writes about the impact that community partnerships between businesses and schools are having throughout Metro Nashville Public Schools. The article goes into detail regarding McGavock High School's dynamic relationship with Gaylord and US Community Credit Union. The most important aspect of this collaboration is increasing real-world learning opportunities and relevancy for students as they pursue their interests in and outside of the classroom. Businesses are bringing industry expertise and a commitment to education to our schools. As superintendent of high schools Jay Steele says in the article, "It’s about working with the community to develop, deliver and enhance curriculum and making it relevant to students." Increased relevancy for students has led to a decrease in the district's dropout rate from 4.4 percent to 2 percent.