The Academies of Nashville at Maplewood High School

Maplewood High School is the home of three academies that offer students diverse academic and career-advancement opportunities in health care, energy science, automotive technology, and entrepreneurship.

Academy of Energy and Power

In the Academy of Energy and Power, students are developing skills and knowledge to prepare for education and work in fields such as engineering, power distribution, power generation, green power, and alternative energy. Students are learning about the skills necessary for high demand, high wage careers available with companies such as Nashville Electric Service and the Tennessee Valley Authority.Academies of Nashville at Maplewood High School

Partner: Nashville Electric Service


Energy Distribution (Classes: Energy Foundations, Power Distribution I, Power Distribution II)

Academy of Sports Medicine and Wellness

Students in the Academy of Sports Medicine and Wellness are learning about the big picture of public health. They are challenged to become Health Ambassadors to their community in East Nashville. These students are creating public service announcements, planning a Health Fair, and developing skills and connections to become political advocates for the wellbeing of their community.

Partner: St. Thomas Hospital


Therapeutic Services, nursing focus (Classes: Health Science, Medical Therapeutics, Anatomy and Physiology, Nursing Education)

Therapeutic Emergency Services, paramedic focus (Classes: Health Science, Medical Therapeutics, Anatomy and Physiology, Emergency Medical Services)

Diagnostic Services, sports medicine focus (Classes: Health Science, Rehabilitative Services, Diagnostic Medicine, Clinical Internship)

Academy of Business and Consumer Services

The Academy of Business and Consumer Services prepares to students to take advantage of opportunities as entrepreneurs and future business owners. Students have the chance to take Dave Ramsey's "Foundations in Personal Finance" course. They also can start up their own simulated online company in the capstone Virtual Enterprises class. The Academy also provides opportunities for students to focus their business interests in the fields of automotive repair, logistics, and personal care and cosmetology.

Partners: Fifth Third Bank Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee Great American Opportunities Nashville Auto Diesel College


Automotive Technology (Classes: Transportation Core, Brake Systems, Suspension and Steering, and Electrical/Electronics)

Business Management (Classes: Financial Planning, Accounting I, Business Management, and Virtual Enterprise International)

Personal Care (Classes: Principles of Cosmetology, Design Principles of Cosmetology, and Chemistry of Cosmetology)