Antioch automotive technology students tour Smyrna Nissan plant

On February 1, students from Antioch High School's Academy of Technology and Communication enjoyed the opportunity to tour Nissan of North America's Smyrna manufacturing plant. Selected students traveled to Smyrna last Wednesday to meet with Nissan representatives and see the subjects of their Brakes, Steering and Suspension, and Electrical classes put into action. They were able to meet Nissan employees on and off the assembly line, participate in a question-and-answer period with employees, and take an informative tour of the plant. This real-world learning experience will provide these students with invaluable practical context for their studies in automotive technology. Nissan of North America is a dedicated academy partner of the Academy of Technology and Communication and makes tours and job shadowingpossible for our students. Antioch automotive technology students tour Nissan plant

Ralph S., junior

I think the Nissan Plant experience was awesome!  I wish we could do it all over again.  I really liked how Nissan uses robots and seeing the robots work was cool.  Watching the cars being made from scratch was a neat experience.  I believe that is something I would want to do in the future.

Trey Holt, senior

My experience to the Nissan Plant in Smyrna can be summed up in one word: exhilarating.  It was cool seeing all the cars coming from the raw material stage to being a complete car.  Seeing all the robots was awesome, too, especially the larger than life robots working.  I would like to thank Mr. Muhlstadt, Nissan, and Antioch High School for giving me a truly learning experience.

Christian Maldonado, senior

Touring the Nissan plant was an awesome experience, even though we couldn’t see the test track which I know everyone wanted to see.  We literally saw the assembly line, the workers actually working on the cars, instead of just putting on a little play for us.  Since being in this class I’ve wanted to have my career in the automotive business.  I don’t want to work on the assembly line, but I want to work with the car itself and all the parts of it.  Going to the Nissan plant made me want an automotive job even more.

Joseph Woolfolk, senior

I enjoyed the Nissan tour very much.  One of my favorite parts was watching the robots piece together the cars and weld the pieces together.  Sparks were flying right over our heads while we were on the tram.  Another cool part was being able to see the giant metal press in action.  I only wish I could work there someday.  It would be amazing.