Architecture and Computer-Aided Design at Cane Ridge High School

Helping students prepare themselves academically to pursue their future professional goals is a primary benefit of the hands-on, real-world learning offered by the Academies of Nashville. Jordan R. of Cane Ridge High School writes about how his experience in the Academy of Architecture and Construction has given him training in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) and practical knowledge of the field of architecture. The Academy of Architecture and Construction's partnership with the ACE Mentorprogram also gave him the opportunity to win a scholarship in a architectural design competition. Cane Ridge student Jordan studies architecture and computer-aided drafting

My name is Jordan Runder, and I am one of the ambassadors for the Academy of Architecture and Construction. My experiences with this academy at Cane Ridge have been some of the best in my high school career. I have always had the desire to be an architect since I was ten years old and first started to play with Legos. I was attracted to Cane Ridge because of the Academy of Architecture and Construction, and when I learned that they offered CAD classes I was sold.

The Academy of Architecture and Construction offers an incredibly advanced glimpse into the world of working professionals in these fields. If one chooses to go down the computer-aided drafting or CAD pathway as I did, that person will be presented with the opportunity to learn on the same AutoCAD programs that actual architects and engineers use. I am now in Advanced Drafting, and I feel that being able to proficiently use these programs gives me a head start when I go to college for architecture.

Here at Cane Ridge there are also several partners for the Academy of Architecture and Construction, one of which is ACE Mentor program. This program gives interested students the chance to actually work with architects and engineers as well as other people in the field to design a building. At the end of the year a banquet is held where the building plans are presented for a chance to win scholarship money. I was fortunate to win one of those scholarships last year.

The Academy of Architecture and Construction is an incredible resource for students and can give them a significant advantage when they apply for colleges and search for a job.