The benefits of the Academies of Nashville Study Visit 2012

 Nashville Study Visit 2012 March Ford PAS Next Generation Learning

The Academies of Nashville Study Visit will take place on March 8–9, 2012. In this guest post, Melissa Jaggers of Alignment Nashville writes about the benefits of this event for the education, business, and community leaders from around the United States who will attend. Jaggers is the Associate Executive Director for Alignment Nashville, a non-profit organization that brings together community resources to positively impact public school success, children's health, and the success of the community as a whole. In partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools, Alignment Nashville serves as the Regional Hub for Ford PAS Next Generation Learning.

Communities engaged in high school redesign at any point in the process are welcome to attend the Academies of Nashville Study Visit. This is an opportunity to hear about challenges and solutions in high school reform from a group of leaders that has successfully implemented and managed meaningful reform. Whether a school district administrator, community partner, business partner, or school board member, any stakeholder in a reform effort can benefit from this dynamic opportunity.

Participants will hear the story of Nashville’s high school transformation from the perspective of all of the major stakeholders. Visitors will also have the opportunity to interact with individuals who share similar jobs or roles in their own community through our "job alike" sessions. Roundtable discussions tailored to the visiting communities' needs are always a highlight of the event. The Nashville Study Visit is limited to fifty participants in order to ensure a high-quality, individually-tailored experience for all participants. Finally, two school visits allow participants to observe teacher team meetings, interact with students, observe problem-based and inquiry-based teaching in the classroom, and hear from school administrators about the challenges and solutions in high school redesign.

The connections forged at the Academies of Nashville Study Visit are an invaluable asset for any community’s journey toward high school reform. Participants are afforded the opportunity to network with professionals, administrators, and educators from Nashville and the other communities attending the event. The professional relationships created during this meeting enhance the community of reformers throughout the country and help to spread best practices as widely as possible. Alignment Nashville is proud to serve such a vital role in making reform manageable and accessible to the Nashville community and the rest of the country.

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