Future lawyer at Cane Ridge benefits from Academy of Law

Malik B. from Cane Ridge High School's Academy of Law writes in this post about learning foundational principles for starting a career in law. The Academy of Law partners with the Davidson County District Attorney Officeand the Davidson County Department of Juvenile Justice to bring real-world learning opportunities and experiences to students in areas of jurisprudence and law enforcement. Malik is the Academy Ambassador for the Academy of Law and is enthusiastic about how his academy is preparing students to enter these important fields. Cane Ridge Academy Law student ambassador

I am a junior in the Academy of Law at Cane Ride High School and this is my first year as an ambassador. Being in the Academy of Law has been an astonishing experience for me. I never knew that studying the law could be so interesting. The Academy of Law is teaching students all aspects of law. My academy teacher has us doing projects about what we want our future careers to be. We also have a mock trial setup, fingerprinting, police uniforms, and more.

The mock trial setup is for our future lawyers who plan on either prosecuting or defending people. We do a lot of cases to ensure that our future lawyers get the best experience they can while in high school. We do fingerprints for our students who are interested in the forensics area. Fingerprints help students get a good grasp of how forensics will be in the real world. Students like studying different fingerprints because they find it interesting how people can differentiate who did what or where they have been with something as simple as a fingerprint.

For students who want to be police officers, we have the whole police uniform and accessories. For example, we have handcuffs, flashlights, bullet-proof vests, duty belts, and a gun holster.  Students can now know what it’s like to be a police officer before they become one. The Academy of Law also works with students who would like to become an FBI detective, paralegal, or even a judge.

Cane Ridge’s Academy of Law covers many aspects of the law and will help students become the best they can be at any law job/career.