Hunters Lane students blog to increase humanitarian spirit and community service in Nashville

Two Hunters Lane High School students are taking the humanitarian goals of their Academies very seriously. Last autumn, they started a blog, "We Are Humanitarians," to help their peers become more connected to global issues and aware of opportunities for community service to help others. Lindha and Hayley are juniors in the Academy of Health and Human Services and the Academy of International Baccalaureate at Hunters Lane.Academies of Nashville Hunters Lane High School On their blog, they write:

We were inspired to create this blog with the aim of informing people about relevant and potentially little-known issues that affect the mental and physical health of young people in our community and around the world. We hope to provide helpful information as well as opportunities for people to volunteer in their local and global communities. We believe in the idea of being humanitarians. To us, being a humanitarian means staying connected to the world and having a passion for improving the quality of life for everyone. To us, being a humanitarian starts with knowledge. We hope to make this blog an interactive setting where everyone can input their ideas, knowledge, and experiences. We all have the potential to be humanitarians. All we have to do is share the wealth of knowledge that everyone possesses.

The common focus of the Academy of Health and Human Services and the Academy of International Baccalaureate is to find ways to make the world a better place for everyone. "We Are Humanitarians" seeks to support this admirable goal by informing young people about issues and opportunities. The blog regularly features "Humanitarian Opportunities," which are community service opportunities students can join to make a positive impact in the community. "Random Health Facts" help student to make better informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

"We Are Humanitarians" is a great example of the exciting changes the Academies of Nashville are bringing to MNPS high schools and the larger Nashville community. These students are taking a passionate interest in helping others and are using their schoolwork as a vehicle to make middle Tennessee a better place to live for everyone.