Learning opportunities in arts and communication at Cane Ridge

Kelsey T. is a senior at Cane Ridge High School and a student ambassador for the Academy of Arts and Communication. This academy benefits from the committed support of its academy partners: Fox 17 WZTV, Home Center Network, Country Music Hall of Fame, Bytes of Knowledge, Jerry's Artarama, and Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film. In this post, Kelsey writes about how the real-world experiences provided in the classroom and on-site with these academy partners has provided her with a strong start in a career in arts, multimedia, and communication. Cane Ridge student ambassador Academy of Arts and Communication

My name is Kelsey T. and I this is my first year being the Academy of Arts and Communication Ambassador. I have enjoyed my year in the Interactive Multimedia pathway thoroughly. I have always been great with computers and wanted to obtain more experience with digital marketing. I feel that my pathway provides this opportunity. We have many projects and step-by-step training that help the class understand how to properly use the software.

The Academy of Arts and Communications has a variety of pathways that one can explore. I have had the pleasure to get a little taste of each pathway. In the Visual Arts pathway I was able to use critical thinking in art and learn about the history and cultural background of certain sculptures.  The broadcasting teacher, Mr. Heiselman, has given me some pointers for reading off of a teleprompter. In my pathway, Interactive Multimedia, I have learned a variety of styles, animations, and fonts to be able to put together the perfect presentation or advertisement. We also have the club Future Business Leaders of America, which gave me more experience in public speaking. I competed in public speaking in the club's regional competition and had the pleasure to travel to Chattanooga for the state competition, where I had a fantastic time.

I am very grateful for our partners. They have impacted us so much and want the Arts and Communications academy to be as great as our teachers do. I am very proud to say that Fox 17 has donated some equipment. Even though I will not be able to see it, we hope to get more Mac computers for this academy. This Academy is filled with great experiences and insightful teachers and I am thankful to have been a part of it.