McGavock student spends the day job shadowing at Cedarstone Bank

McGavock High School's US Community Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance prides itself on opening up hands-on experience and real-world learning opportunities for students. Last week, Joseph M. wrote about his summer internship with US Community Credit Union. In this post, Joseph writes about his job shadowing experience at Cedarstone Bank after being named the Finance Student of the Month for January 2012. McGavock student job shadowing Cedarstone Bank

I am an ambassador from McGavock’s Hospitality and Finance Academy, specifically the Banking and Finance pathway. This made me eligible to become the Cedarstone Bank’s McGavock Finance Student of the Month for January 2012. On January 12, 2012, a representative from Cedarstone Bank came to McGavock and presented me with a certificate; then I got to spend the day with him. This is what my day was like.

Willie McDonald from Cedarstone Bank arrived at 8:15 and took me back to the branch on Lebanon Road. I am also part of US Community Credit Union, so it was interesting to see the different points of view that a bank and a credit union have. I got to sit down with Melynda Bounds and she talked about loans and other procedures. Then I got to observe the tellers and see the differences in their systems and how they do things. I really enjoyed listening to them and talking about what each type of institution offers.

Then I got sit down and talk with Mr. McDonald. He has been in the banking industry for sixty-three years and fifty-five of them have been in Donelson. He has been involved in all kinds of committees and boards to help better his community and become more involved. The Tennessee House of Representatives even named him Honorary Mayor of Donelson. We talked for a while and he shared a few nuggets of wisdom.

Later, I got to go to the Donelson-Hermitage Chamber of Commerce luncheon. This was an awesome experience for me because I got to meet and talk to a number of important people in our community… people like the president of Summit Medical Center and the Operations Director for The Hermitage. This also gave me insight into what is going around me and the decisions that are being made that affect me. The keynote speaker was the president of Hands on Nashville, and I really enjoyed listening to him talk about how our community is volunteering and getting involved.

I ended my day by going on a service call with Mrs. Bounds. I learned about the three kinds of service calls; a cold call, where she has never met a person from the business; a warm call, where she has worked with the person before and is trying to get their business’s account; and a retention call, where the business is already a customer and she is checking in on them to see if everything is okay. I went on a retention call where we just talked with the customer and built a stronger relationship with them.

I want to thank The Academies of Nashville and Cedarstone Bank for giving me these opportunities and allowing me to learn things skills that go with academics. I also appreciate the opportunity to be more involved in my community.  The Academies have enriched my high school experience and have made me a more well-rounded person.