Antioch students job shadow at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Antioch High School students from the Academy of Teaching and Service enjoyed the opportunity to job shadow at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts on March 13, 2012. The students who attended learned about what the Frist offers to its audiences, the organization's missions, and how each department operates. The Frist Center invited the students to attend a monthly faculty meeting to learn about a wide range of its operations. Below, Chris, Priscilla, and Qua'onna reflect on the day and what this experience means to them. Antioch High students job shadow Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Art is a very important part of general education. In art, you are forced to see the world in different ways that allow you to solve problems from different perspectives. I also believe that art encourages you to be more creative in the ways that you approach education. It allows you to have the ability to think in more complex ways instead of thinking in a one-track mindset. Art education opens the doors to new skills, such as how you express yourself through communication as well as improving your comprehension.

Chris H.


Our experience at the Frist Center for Visual Arts was everything we hoped for and more. It was not a surprise to have the general museum tour while observing the artwork; however, it was unexpected to see such a unique exhibit with Fairytales, Monsters, and the Genetic Imagination. Equally surprising, we had the opportunity to see past the general public’s view at the Frist Center by attending the monthly faculty meeting. At the meeting, the faculty’s organization and teamwork caught our attention. Other unexpected aspects we learned about were the size of the education department and the number of volunteers.

We learned how interesting they make art education to keep the interest of the children. The techniques they used were purposeful to tackle all ethnic groups. We saw that the purpose of art education at the Frist Center is to give children the ability to see their world in different ways, in other words, to have an adventure wherever they are. We had not thought about the importance of enthusiasm and repetition needed by all adults that work around children.

Priscilla S.


Not everyone gets to go to a staff meeting at the Frist Center. Their staff meetings aren’t long and boring like the ones on television. At the Frist Center they’re quick and to the point, they make you feel like you belong there. It also seems like they all work together. They’re very friendly, and work well together as a team.

Qua'onna L.