Deciding on a future profession through job shadowing

Jasmyne B. is a junior in Whites Creek High School's Academy of Community Health. This academy partners with CIGNA Government Services, Meharry Medical College, the Metro Public Health Department, and Vanderbilt Sports Medicine to give students real-world learning opportunities in the healthcare industry. Job shadowing is an important experience for many academy students because it gives them a chance to learn about the day-to-day activities of a profession and the educational requirements for entering that line of work. In today's post, Jasmyne writes about how her experiences in the Academy of Community Health and job shadowing have guided her professional goals. Whites Creek High School Academy Community Health

Growing up, I always thought about becoming a teacher. As I was finishing my ninth-grade year, I was introduced to the Academy of Community Health. During my sophomore year, after being taught about the different health fields, I decided that I wanted to be a a registered nurse (RN). In my Health Education class we learned about vital signs, CPR, and so much more.

At the beginning of my eleventh-grade year, I still wanted to be an RN. Then, I went on a job shadow at the Health Department. That day I shadowed an RN and she introduced me to different types of RNs and doctors. During the job shadow we talked about gynecology. From that day on I knew I would like to become a gynecologist and specialize as an OBGYN.

Job shadowing helped me determine what career I was more interested in. My experience in the Academy of Community Health has taught me how important health careers are. In my academy we also have a lot of opportunities to get involved in events. I was able to demonstrate CPR at our health fair that we hosted in 2011. I am also involved in HOSA and participate in their events.  HOSA and my academy classes have taught me so much that I didn’t know about healthcare. I now realize that choosing the Academy of Community Health was the right choice for me.