Hillsboro High students benefit from regional DECA competition

In today's blog, two students from Hillsboro High School's Academy of International Business and Communications share their experiences in Hillsboro's new chapter of DECA. The Academy of International Business and Communications seeks to prepare students to work in the globally interconnected economy of today and tomorrow through partnerships with the Tennessee World Affairs Council, Averitt Express, Western Express, SouthComm, the Belmont University Center for International Business, the Tennessee State University College of Business, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Students in the many of the Academies of Nashville have found meaningful professional development through participation in DECA, and Hillsboro High School is excited about this new opportunities for Hillsboro students. As part of my pathway in Global Logistics, this year I decided to join DECA. We went to the regional competition, and because DECA is new at my school, it was the first competition for our team. We were all nervous, and felt a little lost as we arrived at Volunteer State Community College. The veteran DECA members we were competing against quickly welcomed us, and we soon began to relax. It was great fun spending time at the college with other DECA groups. The competition was hard for a first timer, but we all enjoyed it. Several members of our group placed and are now going to the state competition. Through DECA and my academy, I have met students here at my school who are now good friends of mine.  I’m looking forward to next year when the competitions start up again.

Jared A., Academy of International Business and Communications Ambassador, junior

Hillsboro student LaVaysha competes in DECA competition

DECA is a reminder as to how important having a stable career is. Because I plan to tie my career choice to something business-related, perhaps working as  a business lawyer, DECA is helping me and training my mind to think and act like a business professional. Through my academy, I have learned many of the skills I need to be aware of now so that I can apply them in the immediate future. This is life-changing and extremely positive in every way. DECA is a home for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs, such as myself, and focuses on marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Being in the DECA competition atmosphere is refreshing and amazing. From my experience, the competitions have been fun and challenging at the same time. They test problem-solving skills and what you would do in a given situation. Overall, DECA is an organization that will help me grow and learn.

LaVaysha S., Academy of International Business and Communications, junior