Pearl-Cohn students join AT&T conference on Black History Month

Brittany G. is a student in Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School's Academy of Entertainment Management. In this post, she writes about participating in a telepresence video conference hosted by AT&T. Technological fluency is an important component of the Academies of Nashville program and coincides with the general mission of the STEM Education Coalition. This type of opportunity gives our students context and real-world experience with technology in a professional setting. On February 16, 2012, AT&T invited students from Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School's Academy of Entertainment Management to participate in a Telepresence Video Conference in celebration of Black History Month. The Conference was held in Houston, Texas, but we were able to feel like we were right there due to the technology available through AT&T.  Not only was I able to see and hear everything that was discussed and demonstrated, I learned a lot about how to work their computer system and why AT&T is striving to be the best and fastest television company in the world.  They also showed us how to fix a television if it stops working.  The topic, Black Family Awareness of Technology, was interesting and informative.

To encourage teenagers not to text and drive, AT&T showed us a video showing why you shouldn’t text while driving.  Listening to the stories of the teens that let a simple little text message mess up their lives makes me never want to be put into that situation.  Knowing that lives have been ruined or lost because they read or sent a text is not something for which I want to be responsible.