Relevance and community involvement at Hunters Lane Academy Showcase

In this blog post, two Hunters Lane High School seniors talk about their experience participating in the Hunters Lane Academy Showcase, which was held February 16, 2012. The Academy Showcase allows current 8th- and 9th-grade students to see all tat Hunters Lane has to offer and gives them the opportunity to talk with current students, teachers, and business partners. Deangelo is a senior in the Academy of Marketing and Business. He introduced the guest speaker for the event and spoke to students at his academy table. Ahmed is a senior in the Academy of International Baccalaureate. He opened our event and filmed the night for us, which allowed him to observe the excitement of the visiting students and parents as well as the interesting presentations made by current academy students. Hunters Lane students write about Academy Showcase event

Deangelo, Academy of Marketing and Business, senior

I was shocked by how many people were here. I really enjoyed the experience. I was selling the Academy of Marketing and Business, which is what I do so well and love to do. Interacting with our business partners was a great experience; it was also great to know that we can count on them to show up at events like this. It was nice to have an informal time to talk with them, and we got to talk about our current business plans for our upcoming DECA competition and also just get a chance to chat and get to know them better. Some of the partners there I know well, and have worked with them on a few projects; others were new to me. I also met some people from SunTrust; these two people had not worked with Hunters Lane before, so not only did I get to know them, but they got to know our academies better.  Having them set up with us helped to sell our academy. Parents were excited.  They had lots of questions and were really excited about our dual enrollment possibilities.

Ahmed, Academy of International Baccalaureate, senior

Since I was walking around filming, I got to talk to many of the students that attended. They all agreed that this program had helped them gather more information and decide which academy they wanted to join. It’s important to let students know what the school has to offer and how the academies can reinforce interests and prepare students for the real world. The passports got them moving to different tables, and they learned more and talked to more people than I think they would have otherwise. I enjoyed watching the teachers interact with the kids and seeing just how interested the kids were. I am not always comfortable doing public speaking, but it was such an honor to get to talk with the freshmen and help them make this decision. I also appreciated the business community’s involvement in the night. At times it is hard to find the relevance of what one learns in the community, but witnessing the business partners interact with the students was very exciting because the link between the two was made apparent. We are the future of the community, and working with these partners gives us a head start on making where we live a better place.