Stratford a crucial piece of Middle Tennessee STEM Hub

Stratford STEM Magnet High School is playing a vital role in Tennessee's state-wide efforts to prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Stratford is a major part of the Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub, a program designed to support students with rigorous STEM instruction, engage adults in a professional learning community, and build a network of community partners who will help drive innovative strategies for the regional STEM initiative. Associate superintendent of MNPS high schools Jay Steele notes that the progress in the STEM initiative in Middle Tennessee is largely thanks to the successes enjoyed by the implementation of the Academies of Nashville: "The work Metro Schools has done with our Academies of Nashville model laid the groundwork for this hub. Because of our Academy model and the engagement of our business and higher education communities, we have an outstanding consortium of partners already working with Metro high schools. They will be key to the successful implementation of this regional hub."

MNPS is the only school district in Tennessee to offer a K–12 STEM continuum, thanks to programs at Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet Elementary, Bailey STEM Magnet Middle, Isaac Litton Middle, and Stratford STEM Magnet High. The focus on STEM instruction at these schools was developed as a result of a $12 million Magnet School Assistance Program Grant from the United States Department of Education. The grant, the success of these STEM programs, and the strength of the Academies of Nashville all were important reasons why MNPS was selected to lead the development of the Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub.