Antioch student artist displays painting at Frist Center

Each year since 2004, the Frist Center for the Visual Arts has hosted The Mayor's Art Show. The event is an opportunity to recognize and showcase the outstanding work and achievements of student artists in Nashville's public high schools. Jasmine M. is a student artist in Antioch High School's Academy of Technology and Communication. One of her paintings was selected to be displayed at the Frist as part of the show this year. In this post, she writes about the experience and the hard work that went into creating her artwork. Antioch High Jasmine Mayor Art Show Karl Dean Frist Center

Being what someone calls an artist is a high title to live up to. I feel that to be an “artist,” I have to contribute something new to the art society. When I first started my senior year, I was ready to throw myself in to Antioch High School’s new AP Art class. What I didn’t know was how challenging and time-consuming this would really be. My two spoons in a cup piece was accepted into the Frist for the Mayor's Art Show. This piece was one of the most challenging ones I ever attempted.

Art can be seen in many ways, being simple, full of technique, symbolic, etc. In my two spoons and a cup piece, my focus was not on the spoons or the cup but the beauty of the light causing a unique, colorful array of reflections. Who would have known that, if I set a clear glass cup with two silver spoons and a black plain background, I would have a cup with vibrant pinks, blues, and browns? There is always inner beauty in the simplest of objects that life offers us. Of course, Mrs. Lancaster, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Waiwaiole were a huge key to my success in this piece and all my other pieces. Mrs. Lancaster, my main art teacher, pushes me to strive further in all my pieces. She will not accept anything but my very best and more. I appreciate all the skill-building tools she provides for me to learn and understand more about art and how to always improve. Mrs. Smith has always stood by my side! She does not only teach me but provides so much support to keep me motivated. Mr. Waiwaiole is the art teacher that will question the simplest artwork to get your brain juices flowing! These amazing teachers always give 110% for any student who has a goal and are the reason why our art classes can be so motivational for students. They don’t tell you how to draw but give you the tools for you to draw on your own.

Seeing an “A” on a report is not half as exciting as seeing your own artwork in a museum! When I first heard of this amazing opportunity I was so thrilled! I thought back to the day when I very first saw artwork from my school that was displayed in the Frist and thought to myself, “How can I one day get my work here?” I had a sense of accomplishment when I heard the good news. Now, to add to that accomplishment, I also gained pride once I met the mayor who personally complimented my artwork. I felt like I truly got the recognition for all the hard work I put into my art. It was a great feeling to know that I am not the only one interested in art but the mayor understands how important this is to people like me. I appreciate it so much that he took time out of his day to have an event such as this. By the end of the night, once most people had left, I decided to head back to the hall with all of the creative works of art. Through the whole event I was filled with a rush, but at the end of the day I just stood there and enjoyed my piece hanging on the wall where so many other artists had the opportunity to display their art. It was a simple piece, a cup and two spoons. It was a cup, two spoons, the reflection, color, and light. It was my time, work, opinion, view, and creation, and that night it was shared for others to view and enjoy it with their time, opinion, and view.