Architecture and design at Antioch High School

Students in Antioch High School's Academy of Technology and Communication are getting hands-on experience with architecture and design. Wael R., Nadar M., Deanna R., and Matthew M. recently completed an engineering student project in which they had to design a house and build a scale model of their structure. Working in a collaborative environment to design these buildings gave these students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of architecture principles and improve their work strategies to do an even better job next time. This project was a great challenge and provided us with an opportunity to learn about a different facet of engineering. Most people think when building a house it's all about the carpenters that put the building in place. This activity really taught us about architecture and its role. The attention to detail that was required to put this together into a cohesive whole was much more challenging than we had previously projected.

~Deanna R. and Matthew M.

The house project was the best that we have done this year. We used a lot of ideas and opinions when we chose this house. It gave us an idea of what is required to build a real house or to design a house. If we could do it all over again, we definitely would use the time more wisely to come up with the best ideas of how to make our house look better. We really enjoyed this project.

~Wael R. and Nadar M.