Freshman Academy of the Year award goes to Stratford High School


Stratford STEM Magnet High School's Freshman Academy was named Freshman Academy of the Year at the 2012 Academies of Nashville Awards. The Freshman Academies are part of a larger effort to create a high school structure that supports learning and college preparation by grouping students into smaller learning communities. Stratford's Freshman Academy encourages students to invest in their education as a means by which they can achieve their personal and professional goals in the future. Academies of Nashville Stratford STEM High School

Teachers in the Stratford Freshman Academy look for creative methods to motivate students. The teachers offer extracurricular incentives such as making breakfast together or enjoying an impromptu "slip-n-slide" to reward students. The Freshman Academy teacher team believes that these rewards and incentives teach students the intrinsic value of achievement. This dedicated team of teachers can be found tutoring students for hours after the end of school to give extra support to ninth graders' efforts.

The teachers in the Freshman Academy employ modern instructional design principals to create student-centered instruction. Students learn core STEM subjects through inquiry-based teaching and experiential learning. As a result, Stratford has posted remarkable gains in math and reading in only one year.

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce presented the 2012 Academies of Nashville Awards with the support of sponsors Deloitte and Altria. The awards were determined through a vote of MNPS administrators and executive staff, school board members, teachers, and community partners. These nominations were based on the National Career Academy Coalition‘s National Standards of Practice.