Job shadowing in health technology at HealthTeacher

Job shadowing is a cornerstone of hands-on learning in the Academies of Nashville. Job shadowing helps to connect students and their interests with the business community. Students get the opportunity to learn about professional life in the real world alongside our community partners. Shantel H. is a student in Cane Ridge High School's Academy of Health Management. Shantel recently participated in job shadowing with HealthTeacher, an Academy Partner that works to bring awareness of healthy living and wellness through strategic partnerships. Academies of Nashville Cane Ridge High School job shadowing If I could give a grade for my job shadowing experience, it would have to be an A+. I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot of new things. The main thing HealthTeacher does is to prevent children and teenagers from becoming obese. The company sends a representative to the surrounding hospitals to sell the program to the hospital, and then the hospital sponsors the program to all of the surrounding schools in the district. These schools get a class that allows students to learn how to become healthy and explore all the different qualities in the program.

I would like to thank the people of HealthTeacher for allowing me to see what they do in an everyday routine. Instead of just sitting in a room learning about everything, I had a hands-on experience. In periods of about 20 minutes to 45 minutes, I spoke with a group of people or just one person to learn about what they do. In each group you could ask questions or answer questions that they asked. For instance, at HealthTeacher the Technical Team who helps build up the website have a 15-minute meeting every morning  to discuss what they did yesterday and what the goal is for the day.

Even though I got lost in half of the things they were talking about, I still learned how the website is built up. Along with that I talked to the president of the whole company. I also learned about the business side of the company and how they manage the number of people that log on and use the lessons. The one thing I really learned was how health can tie into everything. For instance, in the Art Department they create poster boards that display healthy choices and positive messages. This allows children and teenagers to see what healthy eating and being healthy looks like.

Technology plays a major role at HealthTeacher and how it functions. In every office and conference room there is something high-tech. From the laptops to the TV’s and even the mouse pads, everything is very high-tech. One of the most used products at HealthTeacher is the Mac. I could really see myself working there in the future. It is an amazing program and it should be used not only in Metro Schools but in schools all over the country.