Lisa Bonelli of McGavock wins Assistant Principal of the Year

McGavock High School's Lisa Bonelli won Assitant Principal of the Year at the 2012 Academies of Nashville Awards on Monday, May 14. She is the Assistant Principal in charge of the Gaylord Entertainment Academy of Hospitality and the US Community Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance. As an academy principal, she helps students take ownership of their learning by facilitating real-world learning experiences with community business partners. When she accepted the award, Bonelli stated her primary goal: "Our children knowing what they want to do in life when they're done with school is what it's all about." McGavock Assistant Principal Lisa Bonelli

This year, Lisa Bonelli has worked tirelessly to help prepare the Gaylord Entertainment Academy of Hospitality and Finance for the national accreditation process that is conducted by the National Career Academy Coalition. Bonelli strives to identify the strengths of each team members in order to work with them to achieve specific goals, such as the implementation of the National Standards of Practice. Target goals for her academies this year included improving student attendance, reducing office referrals for specific "at-risk" groups of students, and implementing proven student interventions.

Lisa Bonelli believes in the transforming power of a personal touch in education. This school year, she has demonstrated her personal commitment to building success by visiting every classroom and shaking the hand of every student in her academies. She wants to empower students and staff to achieve common goals by showing them that she is serving in her role as academy principal to support the common mission of the academies.

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce presented the 2012 Academies of Nashville Awards with the support of sponsors Deloitte and Altria. The awards were determined through a vote of MNPS administrators and executive staff, school board members, teachers, and community partners. These nominations were based on the National Career Academy Coalition‘s National Standards of Practice.