Job shadowing at the Tennessee State Capitol

Job shadowing connects students with the real working world and gives them an insider's view of a profession. Claudia R., a senior in Hillwood High School's Academy of Business and Hospitality, participated in job shadowing at the Tennessee State Capitol this spring. Organized through academy partner organizations Junior Achievement (JA) and AT&T, the experience allowed her to see the day-to-day activities and inner workings of state government. Tennessee State capitol

The JA and AT&T job shadow at the State Capitol was a great opportunity for me as an MNPS student. Job shadowing a state representative was a huge honor. I got to shadow state representative Mark White. I got to go around the State Capitol and see where Governor Bill Haslam has his office. We were able to attend a press conference he was having that morning. Being able to attend the press conference was very informative because I heard things that I honestly have never heard before or been able to see.

Later, we also had the honor of attending a meeting with representative White and other state representatives. I was able to sit in the chairs that are up at the front and saw how they conduct a meeting and how everyone has a chance to talk about what is being discussed.

Later in the day we sat down to have lunch and someone from AT&T gave us a presentation on texting while driving. We learned of all the dangers there are because of texting and driving and how families have lost their sons or daughters because of this and what they wish they could have done to prevent everything from happening. This experience was a very good opportunity. It was great being  one of the first groups of MNPS students in job shadowing state representatives at the Tennessee State Capitol.