Job shadowing in hospitality industry at Hilton Suites

In April, students from Antioch High School's Academy of Hospitality participated in job shadowing at the Brentwood Hilton Suites. This experience gave the students an opportunity to learn about the demanding work of running a hotel's various operations. In this blog entry, Paola V. writes about spending the day at the hotel's front desk. Antioch students job shadowing Hilton Suites 2012

My name is Paola Villarreal and I was given the opportunity to participate in job shadowing at the Brentwood Hilton Suites on April 12th. It was a great experience to be in a work environment and learn about the career options in a hotel. By beginning our visit with a tour of the building from the general manager, Tom Rybak, we were able to see all aspects of a hospitality business.

I was able to work with the front desk attendants, who taught me about all the work that goes into making a person feel comfortable in a foreign place such as a hotel. This career is difficult because the front desk personnel must know everything that is going on around the whole hotel. I was not the only one that got to work with individuals in the field; some of my peers worked in the kitchen or in housekeeping.

At the end of our time there, we had lunch with Mr. Rybak in the hotel restaurant. We were given the chance to discuss our experience and were given muffins that our culinary students had baked with the hotel chef. Overall we had a great day and I enjoyed  job shadowing in the hospitality industry.