Glencliff Senior Selected to Intern for MNPS

Internships give students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Kimberly G., a student from Glencliff High School's Academy of Hospitality and Mareting,  participated in an internship this summer though the Nashville Career Advacement Center. In this post, Kimberly write about her experience.  

Hi, my name is Kimberly. I am a senior at Glencliff High School. Whoo! Class of 2013! I have been attending Glencliff my entire high school career. I am part of the Academy of Hospitality and Marketing. I have been and still am affiliated with a couple of in and out of school activities  including United Nations, YMCA Latino Achievers, which I am President for the 2012-2013 school year, DECA, Garden Club,  GHS soccer, JUMP (Youth United for a Better Present), Study Foundation, church choir, and many more. I am a very determined, cheerful, respectful, and passionate with the desire to become successful in life. My goals are to graduate high school and continue my education. I aspire to become a pediatrician, or an obstetrician. I know I will accomplish my goals as long as I put my all into it.

In the summer of 2012, I was presented the opportunity to become one of the fifty students to be selected out of two-hundred and fifty applicants for the NCAC (Nashville Career Advancement Center) Intern program.  As I was selected, I was placed as an intern for MNPS (Metro Nashville Public Schools) in the department of Customer Service. I gained lots of new experiences. I was able to answer a few phone calls and be the receptionist, which happened to be what I enjoyed the most. I was able to become more familiar to people’s reactions, whether they were good or bad. I learned how to manage certain situations in a certain manner.  One of the most beneficial parts of this internship was being able to meet very important and amazing people that do their best for students, parents and faculty. Also, gaining knowledge of all the different jobs that are available and what they consist of.

Working with Customer Service representatives and both the manager and the supervisor, has been and continues to be a wonderful learning experience that I know I won’t forget. I was honored to be asked to continue working with them throughout my last year of high school. When I was asked to continue working with Customer Service, I was shocked, because I was certain I had to have done something great for them to want me to stay. I was pleased and joyful; this internship has opened doors that I never knew could have been opened. I greatly appreciate everyone who’s helped me. I know this experience will help me after graduation and in college.