Innovation for All, Real-World Experience for High School Students

Internships give students the opportunity to see the realities of a profession or industry and the connections between learning and the real world. Isaiah and Royal, students from Antioch High School's Academy of Automotive Technology participated in an internship this summer with Nissan. In this post, Isaiah and Royal write about their experiences.  

My name is Isaiah and I am a part of the Academy of Automotive Technology at Antioch High School. My summer experience at the Nissan Plant was really fun and educational.  We were split into groups and our objectives were to solve different problems with cars.  My group was assigned the Maxima.  It had an issue with the muffler hanging too low.  I liked that we got a hands-on experience rather than just talking about the problems.  I never really had any experience in the automotive field so this was a great chance for me to explore something new.  I wanted to become an anesthesiologist but after the Nissan internship, I am rethinking my future career.


My name is Royal and I am a part of the Academy of Automotive Technology at Antioch High School. During the Nissan summer enrichment program I can say I learned how engineers handle their problems with cars.  My group worked on the Altima which was having an issue with the washer fluid tank.  There was a leak.  We developed a temporary fix first, then continued to develop a more permanent solution.  Even though I had to get up early on Saturdays in the summer, I feel like the program was really beneficial toward my future and the things I plan on doing.  I come from a family of engineers so I feel that the program really helped me confirm my future plans.  The internship was a great experience and they also helped us build our resumes.


Not only did the students grow from their time spent with Nissan, Ms. Carmen Washington, a teacher in the math department for the Academy of Automotive Engineering at Antioch High School, discovered innovation under the hood of her experiences as well.


"My experience this summer with the Nissan externship was very enlightening.  My findings about how mathematics is applied in the development process of a new product took me to a new level of differentiated instruction. I found it very fascinating that all of the subject areas are vital in this interdisciplinary project. The Nissan business partners were highly supportive in showing me how math is used in the corporate industry and I’m grateful for the experience." -- Ms. Carmen Washington